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What makes Deidra’s story so incredible is that her mom, Joleen, was diagnosed with a brain tumor and given only months to live while she was pregnant with Deidra.  We are very excited to report that not only did Joleen live long enough to give birth to Deidra, but also had two other children, and Joleen is alive and well today!  Deidra’s life is truly a miracle that she does not take for granted!

Deidra was raised in a Christian home by parents who both shared the Gospel through music, so it is not surprising that Deidra started singing when she was only four years old.  However, it wasn’t until she was 15 that Deidra knew God had called her to dedicate her life to ministry through music.

Deidra began her full-time music ministry preparation at Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida, where she led worship for the school choir, chapel and sang for the school’s top vocal group, Joy.  Then, in January 2000, Deidra joined the well-known vocal group TRUTH, under the direction of Roger Breland.  It was almost as if her life had come full circle since her parents, Robert and Joleen Vander Maten, had met and married in the early days of TRUTH’s ministry.  For the next two years, touring with TRUTH gave Deidra the opportunity not only to grow in her talent, but also see the impact their ministry had on people worldwide. Performing over 300 concerts each year, from coast to coast across the United States, overseas to the Philippines, Africa, and Hong Kong, Deidra matured exponentially.

Since her experience in TRUTH, Deidra has had the opportunity to share the stage in ministry with Natalie Grant, Melissa Greene, Anthony Evans (son of Dr. Tony Evans), Switchfoot, ZoeGirl, Rebecca St. James, Avalon, Kirk Franklin, CeCe Winans, Priscilla Shirer, Thelma Wells, Women of Faith, Kevin White, Perry Stone, Apostle Fred Price and Dwight Thompson. 

Deidra has gained an undeniable passion for today’s youth and families.  She has a heart for church ministry and is dedicated to true worship.  Deidra says, "My heart is to minister within the body of Christ...  My passion is to see our churches whole again while fulfilling God's ultimate plan to spread His Word.  I hope to not only present a concert, but also present the One who is truly famous and that is JESUS!"

I think Deidra’s thoughts regarding her calling resonate with most of us when she says, “I feel privileged and honored that He would choose me.  I also feel a tremendous sense of responsibility to honor Him the best I can through the gifts with which He has entrusted me.” 

Deidra currently lives in Nashville with her husband, Trent, and their three children, Paris, Nadya and Elijah.

About Me

Name: Deidra Hughes                                       Birthday: September 18th
Married: Trent Hughes                                      Children: Paris, Nadya and Elijah
College: Southeastern University                  Major: Music Performance
Quote: Are you kidding me?                            
New Reading: Opening the Gates of Heaven, Perry Stone

TV Shows: I have 3 kids...                                 Musicians: I love music! (obviously)  Martha Munizzi, Israel Houghton,

I don't have time to watch TV!                       Kirk Franklin, Hillsongs, David and Nicole Binion, Kim Walker & Jesus Culture, 

Food: Mexican                                                      CeCe Winans, Fred Hammond, John P Kee, Avalon, Ella Fitzgerald,

Drink: Smoothies                                                                                Barbra Streisand, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston,  and more 

Car: I love my Honda!                                         Sport: College Football Sports team: Alabama Football
Gladiator                                                                           Hobbies: Creating Jewelry and Home Decor

Get Away: I love cruises                                    City: Las Vegas (for the shopping people!)
Coke or Pepsi: Diet Coke                                   Coffee or Tea: Coffee
Color: Black                                                            Instrument I Wish I Could Play: Piano

Scripture: Numbers 23:19


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